Jewish Israel welcomes righteous gentile Jon Voight to Israel.

What makes Mr. Voight exceptional is his very respectful approach towards Israel and the Jewish people.

Although he may be religiously inspired, Jewish Israel has observed that Voight takes a heartfelt, moral stand with the Jewish state. For those who may be unaware, Jon Voight does not identify himself as a Christian and he has been studying the Noahide laws and learning with rabbis for many years now.

We feel that both Jews and Gentiles currently pursuing Israel-Christian and other interfaith ventures could learn a lot from Mr. Voight's presentation, sincerity, and respect for the lines between faiths.

Anita Tucker, who serves on the board of Jewish Israel as Community Affairs Advisor, is a pioneer and leader of the Gush Katif settlement and agricultural enterprise. She met Jon Voight at a reception this week and had this to say:

"When I approached Voight to speak to him he immediately knew about Gush Katif and expressed sincere pain at the suffering of the people of Gush Katif . He used no theological references in our conversation. He expressed only caring about the jewish people and Israel. He seemed humble, sincere and very approachable to all those who also care about Israel."  

Jon Voight's ability to refine and articulate his love for Israel in a thoughtful manner is something Jews across the religious spectrum, in both Israel and the Diaspora, can accept and appreciate.


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Comment by Jewish Israel on February 17, 2011 at 11:55am

Mordechai Yaakov Allen,

We tried to contact Mr. Voight through his Public Relations manager in Israel, but received no reply.

We understand from a source who has worked with Mr. Voight that he has avoided organized Noahide entities due to a "messianic" presence in some of them.

Comment by Mordechai Yaakov Allen on February 3, 2011 at 6:54pm

     It is quite refreshing and encouraging to see and to hear someone of Mr.Voight’s popular stature speak-out so unabashedly about the Land of Israel being G_d’s gift to the Jewish people.  If only Israel’s national leadership would be so clearly and correctly disposed. Kudos to Mr. Voight!

     What I would like to see now, if Mr. Voight would be willing to lend his considerable stature to such a project, is the coalescing of the widely-dispersed Noachide entities into a singular association. This would serve two critical needs: 1) offer a solid identity option for other righteous gentile refugees of xianity, and 2) herald the fact that there is such an association and that it stands squarely behind the truth that G_d gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people to be a nation…and not merely a state.

     Is there contact information available for Mr. Voight?

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