Kotel Hasid “performs miracle” for evangelical pastor

For the last 24 years Gutman Locks has spent 6 hours a day at the Kotel doing good things for Jewish continuity, Jewish family, Jewish children and the entire world.

Most recently filmmaker and evangelical Pastor Joel Kramer – who is a missionary with his sites on Mormons (breathe easy, Jews) – approached Gutman Locks for a filmed interview. Locks, who claims his words have been distorted in the past by at least one Christian publication, came prepared with his own cameraman. Smart move. The impressive results can be seen here.

Make sure you watch until the end when Gutman performs the ultimate "miracle".

Jewish Israel wishes Gutman many more years of continued strength and focus to do his good work.

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Comment by Sharbano on June 27, 2010 at 9:11am
I rather enjoyed how he began with the story. I would like to see the entire video. I did notice how this Pastor seemed to be blank on many points that were made. When Reb Gutman attempted to explain Ein Od Milvado to the Pastor he seemed to be oblivious to what was said. It brought to mind the legacy of Jacob and Esav, the former inherits Olam Haba whereas the latter inherits Olam HaZeh. Considering Esav is of this world he can only see that which is of this world and seems incapable of comprehending the Spiritual world. Therefore he sees G-d as a Physical entity, whereas Jacob sees G-d as Ein Sof and is Ein Od Milvado. Those who seem to "break free" of the physical constraints and realize the Spiritual seem to find their religion wanting. I have attempted to explain the same concepts only for it to fall on deaf ears. In whatever ways are tried it is incomprehensible to the Xtian. I am at a loss to understand why there is such difficulty. Just my observations.
Comment by Orah Zipper on June 11, 2010 at 9:08am
Beautiful. Reb Gutman answered calmly and with conviction, yet remained respectful at all times. I might embed this on my blog--a pleasure to watch!

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