For those Israeli activists, politicians and rabbis who were busy cozying up to Mike Huckabee in a no holds barred embrace, respect yet beware of friendly pastors and presidential hopefuls who may love Israel to death.

It should be remembered that Mr. Huckabee was the celebrated keynote speaker at the ninth annual banquet of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI). MJBI is a deceptive and aggressive Christian missionary organization which exists for the sole purpose of converting Jews.  The MJBI and their far-reaching affiliates are very active in Israel. Read JewishIsrael's full report,  Huckabee Speaks at Messianic Missionary Banquet

At the time of that report, JewishIsrael wrote a respectful must read letter to Mr. Huckabee. We never received an answer addressing our concerns.

Mr. Huckabee is a frequent guest on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which boasts of a studio in Jerusalem and producing missionary programming which targets Jews. In 2011, Huckabee made it very clear to his TBN audience, while standing before a model of the Temple, at TBN’s Holy Land Experience in Orlando, that first and foremost he is a “jesus person”.

Anyone who thinks that Judaism and Christianity have the same perception of God and that we only differ with regards to the identity of the messiah, should listen to Huckabee relay how god became flesh in the form of his son jesus.

Jewish leadership should not ignore the fact that evangelical political leaders are christ-centered and passionate about their beliefs. With all of their declared love and support for Israel, there remain unbridgeable and very critical gaps between Judaism and Christianity which must remain intact.

In June 2014, the very politically active Dr. Joseph Frager arranged for Mike Huckabee to travel to Israel. At times Huckabee seemed to be on the 2016 presidential campaign trail:

“If I will be President, or in any position close to the US Presidency, I will work at full strength and with all my heart for Israel,” Huckabee said. “As it says in the Bible, ‘those who curse you are cursed and those who bless you are blessed,’ and as a believer I would love to be blessed from helping the state of Israel as much as I can.”

Dr. Joseph Frager, one of the organizers of the Huckabee visit, told Tazpit News Agency: “Governor Huckabee is the best friend Israel has had. I think that if he chooses to be one of the candidates for presidency I think he will do great. I think he has what it takes, the right stuff. I believe that if he chooses this path he will be successful. He has tremendous respect for the Jewish People; he has tremendous respect for Israel.”

The San Diego Jewish World reported that:

“… regarding his political future, Huckabee said he has not yet decided whether to enter the US presidential race of 2016. He stated financial issues were a determining factor.”

Diaspora Jews with good intentions should ensure that Israel is allied with good Americans who support Israel morally and politically. There is a risk involved in empowering and depending upon devout evangelical politicians who could theologically tie Israel to America in a “Judeo-Christian” union.  Such a relationship could consequently endanger Judaism and Israel’s status as a sovereign Jewish state.

So while JewishIsrael welcomes the friendship, warmth and moral and political support from Mr. Huckabee, the order of the day should remain "respect and suspect".

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