Missionary rumble and Messianic rumblings.

Fists and new testaments were reportedly flying in Rehovot last week.

Ynet reported that messianic missionaries were attempting “to convince passersby to convert", which outraged Orthodox residents and provoked a fight. Ynet correctly emphasizes in their article that the messianic movement “has its origins in American Evangelistic churches and its purpose is to convert Jews to Christianity.”

But the messianic publication Israel Today puts quite a different spin on the Ynet report, claiming that, a " group of Messianic Jews who were passing out pamphlets in the central Israel town of Rehovot last week were violently attacked by ultra-Orthodox local residents."(I note that they cited, but did not link to the Ynet article) and "sharing one's faith with consenting adults is not illegal in Israel." ("consenting adults" - sounds a bit pornographic to me, but then again, missionizing Jews in Israel is nothing less than obscene!).

The only real violent incident I've ever seen involving messianic Christians and Orthodox Jews can be viewed here and here (and in the three images of this post). It's Eddie Beckford - the missionary from Arad - sporting that "Jesus loves you" T-shirt who is throwing the vicious punches, and hitting below the belt.

Meanwhile, Haaretz reports that messianic Christians are taking the fight to Israel’s High Court in yet another attempt to change Israel's Law of Return. Messianic attorney Michael Decker (son of Pastor David Decker) who works for Messianic attorney Calev Myers questioned "whether we are a state governed by law or by Halakhic authorities." He added that he believes he has "no way of losing the petition" because these cases are tantamount to "a person being refused a driver's license for believing in Jesus."

And to make a clean sweep of the mess...ianic news in Israel's English press, the Jerusalem Post recently reported that at least one messianic in Israel foresees days of "forced conversion" of the Jews.
"Days are coming when the Jewish people will be forced to realize that Yeshua is the only solution to all our troubles."

Is that a prophecy or a threat?

Either way, anyone who speaks like that about the Jewish people deserves a special place in hell - even if he is a war hero and one of "Jesus's Zionists"

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Comment by ShoshanaTunk on May 25, 2009 at 3:56pm
I think that the Chareidim were correct in their behaviour in doing all they can to stop the Messianics and Evangelists spreading their idolatrous creed. Hashem did not say anything about this J person in His Torah. However, Hashem did warn us about Amalek, enemies and idolatry. I do not think that this J person can possibly be the 'moshiach' because he has given rise to so much idolatry all over the world.
The J person's creed does not even teach the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) correctly. How can anyone in their right minds think he is a moshiach? The J person's creed teaches people to turn the other cheek to their enemies. I think those who survived the Shoah would tell you if you did that you would end up dead. Hashem did not advise this in His Torah. In fact He advised the opposite. Now, we have a government in Eretz Israel which allows in thousands of non-Jews who profess this J person's creed and the atmosphere changes. The government wants to appease their enemies and give up land and property, and even is considering giving up Jerusalem. I think that these Messianics, Christians and Evangelists are very dangerous for the future of Eretz Israel. Eretz Israel does not need their money but it does need Hashem and His Torah.
Comment by Jewish Israel on May 25, 2009 at 1:20pm
"neo-crusaders" good term. The evangelicals (and some Jews I might add) have managed to divide the world between" Judeo-Christian" and Islamo-fascist". The world is flat and this is the final crusade... unless you think like a Jew - and then the possibilities are limitless.
Comment by Sharbano on May 22, 2009 at 5:44pm
Days are coming when the Jewish people will be forced to realize that Yeshua is the only solution to all our troubles

So, are we looking at the beginning of the neo-crusaders. One thing that is interesting with this Yeshu character is that he scoffed at the Rabbis when asked about washing his hands before eating. This should tell a great deal about a man who scoffs at such a simple task.

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