Missionary Stearns to participate in 7th Annual Jerusalem Conference

The Seventh Annual Jerusalem Conference – which takes place February 15-17th - “provides a unique forum for the discussion of Israel's national priorities, social values, and aspirations, as well as the challenges and external threats faced by Israel and the West. It is dedicated to the promotion of Jewish heritage and values and to Israel’s future as a viable, modern, democratic and Jewish state.”

Rev. Dr. Robert Stearns – an evangelical who is actively promoting a messianic Christian revival in Israel and is supporting missionaries in Israel – has been invited as a panelist for a plenary session scheduled for Wednesday February 17th. Israeli members of government, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and Minister of Science and Technology Daniel Hershkowitz , are among those sitting on the panel with Stearns.

Stearns is described as “Founder and Executive Director of Eagles' Wings Ministry, and North Eastern US Regional Director for Christians United for Israel (CUFI)”.

It should be noted that this particular session is political, but Jewish Israel feels that a Christian evangelizing presence at the Jerusalem Conference is inappropriate regardless of the nature of the plenary session. The conference is, after all, a forum which “ is dedicated to the promotion of Jewish heritage and values and to Israel’s future as a viable, modern, democratic and Jewish state."

Eagles’ Wings is a ministry involved in missionary work. And although CUFI as an organization claims not to evangelize, a good number of their past and present directors and board members are wholeheartedly involved in bringing Jesus to the Jews.

There is much more to say about Robert Stearns

Stearns partners with, promotes, and serves as a worship leader for missionary Jack Hayford on a number of endeavors – including the promotion of a “messianic” (Christian) revival in Israel.

Stearns   is close with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, and has been cited by Rabbi Riskin as having influenced his unconventional  new views on a Christian-Jewish theological partnership.

Missionary Lou Engle who promotes Stearns’ Global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, was also present at the highly disturbing Global Day of Prayer in Jerusalem and Engle regularly appears in Robert Stearns’ promotional materials.

Stearns is the publisher and editor of Kairos Magazine which “crosses all denomination borders reaching both Christian and Messianic Jewish leaders…” Kairos promotes a number of messianic products featuring known missionaries who target Jews for conversion.


Robert Stearns was the executive director of “The Call New York City” which gathered 90,000 people for prayer and fasting in New York City in June 2002. Here’s an excerpt of that “interfaith event” from Charisma Magazine:

“Representatives from the Israeli Consulate and New York Jewish community attended the opening session in response to EWM's [Eagles' Wings Ministries] work in Israel. Appearing unfamiliar with Pentecostal worship, they glanced at one another wide-eyed as evangelicals and Pentecostals from14 states and diverse denominational backgrounds worshiped, prayed side by side, and jumped, shouted and cried for revival in the metropolitan New York region.


"Pour out your Spirit, Lord," pleaded Robert Stearns, executive director of EWM. "We repent. There needs to be a refreshing. We hold up the blood of Jesus over these churches. We are calling for churches to operate as one in the body of Christ."

Orthodox Rabbi Gerald Meister told Stearns: "I've had a lot of experiences in different churches. Tonight I had an awakening."

Stearns is an endorser of Maoz Israel – an aggressive missionary organization in Tel Aviv which promotes “messianic Judaism” and regularly publishes hateful (anti-Semitic?) rhetoric against the Orthodox community.

Note that the Eagles’ Wings statement of faith “is firmly and fully within the classic understanding of the Evangelical Christian Church” and links to the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism. And, again, featured endorsers appearing in Eagles’ Wings promotional material – like missionaries Paul Cedar and Daniel Juster - actively target Jews for conversion through their involvement in the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism.

International missionary trips and activities are an integral part of the Eagles’ Wings website and Stearns even writes about his own personal missionary efforts at a Tel Aviv park in a document entitled “Prepare the Way”, which can be downloaded from the Eagles’ Wings site. He describes how he and his worshippers approached a group of 25 teenage boys in a Tel Aviv park, and started teaching them “praise songs”. He wrote, “I have heard a lot about worship evangelism and the song of the Lord ‘going to the streets’, but this is by far the most incredible I have ever experienced”. He goes on to reference the book of Revelations.

The very charming Rev. Stearns frequently wins over his Jewish audiences by throwing his moral support behind Israel while dismissing End of Days scenarios and conversion designs on the Jewish people. But this is indicative of the Jewish community’s lack of understanding and awareness of evangelical intentions.

Stearns is a missionary extraordinaire and he is not trying to bring Jews to the church, rather he is bringing Christian love, comfort and belief to the Jews and calling for a spiritual reconciliation and fusion of faiths. This is the evangelical End of Days plan - one new man, Jew and Gentile together under Christ.

Jewish Israel has contacted an organizer of the Jerusalem Conference and informed him that Rev. Dr. Robert Stearns is a missionary actively promoting a messianic Christian restoration in Israel. We mentioned that we would be posting on this issue and offered the organizer the opportunity to make a statement. He declined.

UPDATE: CUFI’s Robert Stearns warns of Evangelical shift to the Left

VIDEO: Promotion for IHOP’s Israel Mandate Conference 2010

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