Jewish Israel is aware that many of the original links on our reports reference pages and sites where the content has been removed or revised.

We regularly try to take time out for site maintenance, where we review reports and replace the missing and altered pages with the original content from our archives. The material is then re-linked as an internal page on

Disappearing content is part of the cost involved in exposing missionaries and their activities via the ever-changing Internet.

Please keep in mind the following:
a) Once exposed, missionaries frequently remove the content, alter the text, or shut down their sites.
b) The internet is by nature dynamic and ever-changing and websites and content is regularly updated or disappears.
c) Some organizations which have been the focus of our reports, may realize that their content and direction is offensive to the Jewish people, and revisions may be sincere rather than deceptive.

If you, as a part of Jewish Israel's readership, note that our reports and blogs link to pages with missing or revised content, please contact us at

Jewish Israel retains extensive archives on all of our reports and is happy to meet with members of the Jewish community who need to access our materials.

Jewish Israel is proud that our efforts are being noticed and are having an impact on those groups and individuals intent on challenging the Jewish faith and eroding our Torah-true foundations.

---the staff at Jewish Israel

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