New book by ex- Christian missionary: "Coming Full Circle"

Penina Taylor of Shomrei Emet has written a book entitled “Coming Full Circle” which promises to take readers on a powerful and uplifting journey.

What happens when a Jewish girl raised in a secular home discovers Christianity on her search for spirituality and then after 17 years in Christian leadership realizes that most of what she believed was a lie?

What happens when she embraces Orthodox Judaism but is not initially accepted by the community and perseveres anyway?

This is the captivating story of Penina Taylor’s spiritual journey which led her through Evangelical Christianity, Messianic Judaism and finally to a revelation that turned her world upside down, eventually leading her to embrace the faith of her forefathers.

A story that is at times more unbelievable than fiction, Coming Full Circle is a book that you just won’t want to put down.

“Penina Taylor has inspired audiences around the world with her riveting story. Now available in print, this book is a must-read for any Jewish person looking for inspiration, exploring their Jewish heritage, or wanting a better understanding of Jewish/Christian polemics.”
----Darren Sevitz, Executive Director, Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa

Excerpt from the Foreword:
Penina speaks from unusual and searing experiences as a Jewish woman who abandoned Judaism, embraced Christianity, became one of its eloquent and impassioned emissaries, and then made the long trek back to the faith of Abraham and Sarah as an Orthodox Jew…When Penina speaks, even as she writes, you are grabbed by an intrepid and tenacious woman of deep faith…Indeed, Penina Taylor searched, and struggled, and studied, and ultimately sought the grace of a loving and compassionate God who brought her home.--- Rabbi Elan Adler, Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Congregation

To read more about the book or to purchase a copy go to

Starting tomorrow night in Jerusalem, Penina begins teaching Scripture Twisting 101:
a 12-week in depth counter-missionary seminar in Jewish/Christian polemics. Those interested in the course can contact her at
See this promotional video to get an idea of what Penina and her teaching is all about.

Jewish Israel wishes Penina much success with her important work and we look forward to adding her book to our upcoming online bookstore.

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