New Testament Codes Stricken From “Jesus Guns”

What would have made for brilliant satire turned out to be a real news story. Last week ABC News covered, or rather uncovered secret (or not so secret), “bible codes “ which are embedded in U.S. army rifle scopes produced by the Trijicon company. These scopes are used by the U.S military in Iraq and Afghanistan, and apparently the manufacturer has a $660 million multi-year contract to provide up to 800,000 sights to the Marine Corps. The IDF reportedly also uses the scopes (and we’ll get to that).

Code numbers on the scopes refer to new testament verses about jesus. For example the inscription 2COR4:6 would be a reference to Second Corinthians 4:6. Trijicon's founder, Glyn Bindon, was a devout Christian who died in an aircraft crash in 2003.

America has been trying to downplay any suggestions of a Christian crusade against Islam, and the use of blatant Christian symbolism in the military has been challenged. For instance, the U.S. Air Force’s 523rd Fighter Squadron is called the “Crusaders” and their insignia sports a cross, a sword and an medieval armored helmet.

The censuring of esoteric and discreet bible codes is debatable, but according to their press release, Trijicon has voluntarily offered to remove scripture references on all products destined for the U.S. Military. They have offered to remove the inscriptions on the inventory in their factory and provide “modification kits” to forces in the field.

How do they remove those codes? It’s not akin to bible burning, is it?

They’ve also offered foreign military forces that have purchased Trijicon products the same remedies for removing the scripture reference and the elimination of these references on future products.

Which brings us to Israel.
According to Israeli blogger doubletapper:
“The IDF Givati Infantry Brigade Tavor Marksman Rifles with Trijicon ACOG Scope are all inscribed with the same code…The IDF is a Jewish army, using Christian inscribed Rifle Scopes, to defend against fanatic Muslims. Now that's weird”

Doubletapper goes on to make an excellent suggestion:

“…FYI, Jews don't believe in the New Testament. If it were up to me I'd have them put Psalm 144:1 on our scopes. "Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle."

Jewish Israel knows that somewhere, somehow another zealous company – let’s call it “Trinity-con” - is developing yet another weapon for holy war. So let’s just imagine for a moment…

“Surprise, surprise, surprise! Looky here on the big gun, Sergeant. It reads “JN8:12” and that refers to John 8:12 in my bible”

Jewish Israel presents, The Trinity-con Rifle and Scope (a satire)
• When you look through the scope, you can actually see a cross.
• The scope has such an unprecedented long range that one can almost see Armageddon in the distance.
• The rifle barrel is so long that entire verses of the gospel can be inscribed in full.
• Heat censored bullets can seek out anyone who has had their hot hand on the Koran.

But wait! Don’t shoot!! That could be a messianic Christian convert you have set your sight on.

According to missionary Joel Rosenberg, “an evangelical Christian from an Orthodox Jewish background”, there is a Muslim conversion in mass to Christianity” in the Middle East which “the mainstream media is not reporting”. At least that’s what he told Fox News. Why Joel’s met with “former Muslim/Sunni terrorists who’ve seen visions of jesus christ and are now pastors and preachers,” and he’s “seen more than a million Shiite Muslims come to christ in Iran over the last 30 years.

[Note: Meanwhile the Vatican is lamenting the mass Christian exodus and dwindling Christian population in the Middle East].

Warning: There are some glitches in the Trinity-con rifle:
• The recoil is so powerful, that if one does not turn the other cheek fast enough they could get grafted on to the olive wood scope, or have an unfortunate “eye for an eye scope” accident.

Halacha for Jewish soldiers:
• There is no halachic problem taking such guns into the bathroom.

Order now, before the messiah comes. Because afterwards, this rifle will be in short supply - It is so versatile that it can be turned into a plowshare.

UPDATE on A7: IDF to Remove ‘Jesus Gun’ Codes

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