Olmert apologizes for Jesus and Virgin late night episode

If you can't make a crack about jesus in the Jewish State, in Hebrew, on late night private TV, then we are really in serious trouble. A Vatican statement said a skit, broadcast on a late-night show on Israel's private Channel 10, had "ridiculed -- with blasphemous words and images -- the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary." Surely Catholic bishops can find something better to do in the wee hours than watch Israeli satire (nuff said). Soon-to-be former Prime Minister Olmert confessed and repented with a public apology, But Jewish Israel says, "It's sacred cow slaughtering time"

In these dark ages we need black humor. I hope I don't have to apologize to the evangelicals for the morbid chuckle I had while reading this over my morning coffee (I take it black of course):
"GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – A man shot and killed himself in front of a cross inside televangelist Robert H. Schuller's Crystal Cathedral on Wednesday as a nearby volunteer told a group of visitors about the church's suicide-prevention program, police and church officials said. "

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Comment by Jewish Israel on May 19, 2009 at 8:07pm
It's funny how John Stewart from Comedy Central trashed the Pope and Catholic church recently
(see end of the blog post on the Pope Postscript), and you can be sure that he won't be apologizing

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