Ortiz bombing update: An arrest has been made

Reports are coming in that a suspect has been arrested in the Ortiz bombing case. He is reportedly a lone Jewish man. His lawyer claims his client is mentally unstable. The suspect is allegedly the perpetrator of a number of violent attacks which targeted Arabs, Israeli police, a monastery, homosexuals, an academic, and the Ortiz family.

At this time there are no reports of a “radical Orthodox” underground cell being involved, or any involvement of counter-missionary organizations. It also appears that there is no Arab terror involvement.

Jewish Israel members were among the very first to publicly condemn the attack in Ariel. In addition we found it inappropriate and unacceptable for certain individuals, organizations, legal experts, bloggers, and media outlets to take advantage of a police gag order for public relations purposes. As a response to an increasing number of slanted reports we ran our own series of articles reminding the public of a number of forgotten facts and other possible scenarios, and we urged the public to be patient until the investigation was completed.

While certain parties are sure to use this case to call for more tolerance and freedom of religion in the Jewish state, Jewish Israel continues to appeal for legislation, Jewish moral and halachic guidelines, and education as the formula for these troubled times.

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