Pope Benedict XVI's plans to pay a visit to the Kotel on May 12th. It’s been reported that, the rabbi of the Western Wall, Shmuel Rabinovitch, has said that it is not proper to come to the site wearing a cross. But the Pope always wears his cross in public. So guess whose sensitivities are going be sacrificed on the altar of diplomacy– Jew or Catholic? Well, for those who have lost touch with their Source - while retaining their political correctness, consider the following…

At a recent Melaveh Malka, in support of Rav Eliyahu's vast network of Torah institutions, speaker Rav Shmuel Zafrani relayed, "You should know that Rav Eliyahu cannot stand crosses”. When Rav Eliyahu was hospitalized in serious condition over the last year, a woman came to visit a sick Arab patient who was staying in the same room as Rav Eliyahu. Without seeing anything, the Rav became terribly distressed. It turned out that the visitor's purse was filled with crosses.

To those who are spiritually sensitive, the issue of the cross may have much more to do with Avodah Zarah than historical anti-Semitism.

See UPDATE: Western Wall Woes: Double-Crossed

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