Excluding my very very short stay with a nonJewish Messianic congregation in North Carolina, I would like to share with JI why it is that I have joined their site and am active in counter-mission groups.

Around 5 years ago, I began my own kiruv website zahavapasternak.blogspot.com, [which I have since deleted and created 2 other sites.] As I was browsing the web for messianics to see what they were up to, one link led to another. I first found Aviad Cohen, the rapper. And then I came across Oded Cohen from Jews for J. My heart was broken by what I read about them. What did Zahava do?
1) She wrote a rap-song to Aviad and
2) she prayed that HaShem would open a door to speak with Oded Cohen. Here is where the story gets interesting.

I was walking to work one day - heading toward the busiest street in Boro Park, 13th Avenue. I see a woman ahead of me standing on the corner. As I approach, I notice she is Asian - very modest in dress - wearing a hat, long skirt and blouse covering her arms. She smiles. I smile back. As I continue on she stops me and asks, "Excuse me, have you found, Yeshua - do you know him?" I GRINNED SO BIG as I was waiting for the time when I could use a line from Rabbi Tovia Singer (thinking it was from him) I replied: "My, oh my - have you xtians lost him again?"

She looked puzzled but paused and began to talk about whatever she had to talk about. I said to her: "Listen, you are barking up the wrong tree. I have been where you are now - I know your xtian bible well as I was once one of you. You are deceived. Do you know how to read/speak loshon kodesh?"

Her reply: "No, but my husband is an Israeli and he knows" - (I never found out if he is an Israeli)

My reply: "How about that - my husband is an Israeli as well - I would love for my husband to speak with your husband. Who are you and what is your husband's name?"

Her reply: "My name is Bimini and my husband is Oded Cohen"

Let me tell you - HaShem has never ever let me down. My prayers have always been answered. (Sometimes the answer is no or wait patiently)

I went on to work - shaken inside - WHY? - because this missionary was on our turf. My mind was racing. I contacted someone that is/was involved with the same group that countered missionaries (Moshe Shulman from Messiahtruth.org) and said "quick, you have to come to 13th - we have a missionary and maybe more."

I called this Oded Cohen - his wife Bimini was in the car with him. What stands out most about this conversation was what "sealed his belief in J"

I will not type what he shared with me but suffice it to say his response was ludicrous.

So this was my first encounter with a missionary for J as a Jew and it rattled me so that I prayed to HaShem that He would open door for me to work in counter-missionary groups. He is doing just that.

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