Poster campaign against missionaries in Samaria misses the mark

The following is Jewishisrael's response to the article and poster which appeared in the Israeli publication, HaKol Hayehudi, on September 1st 2013:


We would like to respond to your report regarding the flyer/poster publicized in Yehuda and Shomron (Y&S), which warns of missionary activity in the vineyards of Y&S. The poster links to the following video on JewishIsrael’s website:


Waller Family and HaYovel vision


The poster’s style is forceful and brash and does not reflect JewishIsrael’s style and approach when addressing the fundamentalist Christian incursion and activity in Israel. We are, however, glad to see that there is increased concern, awareness and an attempt to understand the growing missionary problem in Israel. Nevertheless, we wish to make it clear to the readers that this poster campaign misses the mark, as it presents the missionary problem simplistically and superficially and implies that there is blatant street proselytizing in Y&S’s vineyards.


This is not the case. While Christian volunteers have been shown to be supportive of the messianic mission and missionary endeavors, they are careful not to mention jesus’ name or quote from the “New Testament” in the presence of Jews in Samaria.


The poster misses the greater problem, which is the stealth and very deep infiltration of Christian influence – not just in Y&S but throughout Israel – under the guise of volunteer work in vineyards and monetary donations. Such infiltration has already reached the corridors of the Israeli government and the Knesset.


Readers who are interested in receiving detailed information on these matters may contact JewishIsrael at  In the future we would prefer that we be contacted and consulted before anyone associates our name or links to our website in published material of this sort, which misleads many into assuming that JewishIsrael has approved of all such endeavors.


With best wishes for a Shanna Tova,

Shulamit Leibler

Public Relations Director


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Comment by Miriam Harpaz on September 12, 2013 at 6:33pm

Dear Jewish Israel, 

We have to stop this insidious problem. Jews for Jesus are not Jews. This is what Rabbi Stuart Federow says. We have to do something and not sit on our thumbs. 

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