An Evangelical Tour of Israel - Cartoon by Eli Valley creates firestorm.
David Hazony writes in Commentary Magazine online: "There are some Jews in America who, it seems, lose all their bearings when confronted with Christian support for Israel..." Ed Lasky thinks much the same in American Thinker

Based on feedback the Forward received, it seems most folks - Jew and Gentile alike - feel that Valley went over-the-top in his rendering.

This writer and sometimes-editiorial-cartoonist has a lot of issues with American Evangelicals, but I also feel that the caricatures as well as the content of this cartoon strip went overboard in a big way . I addressed this very issue 5 years back in an article entitled "Lines of Deception" Below is an excerpt:

"A talented and skilled caricaturist has a choice: he can expose terrible truths and ironies, or create blatant lies....
There is another point to consider, and this gets personal...

The caricaturist also exposes himself through his drawings. If you are what you eat, then you can be assured that the same axiom applies to what and how you draw."

Just something to think about, Mr. Valley.

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