Something Fishy About the Logo for the "Forum for the Enlistment of the Christian Community"?

Those Jews familiar with historic Christian symbolism may find the letterhead of the "Forum for the Enlistment of the Christian Community" to be somewhat disturbing. The organization, headed by Greek Orthodox Priest Gabriel Naddaf, features as their logo the traditional "Jesus Fish" united with, or entering, a Magen David (Star of David).

The modern Messianic Christian movement also uses fish symbolism combined with a menorah and Star of David or, alternatively, a cross inserted within the star. 

This type of symbolism represents a theological union of Judaism and Christianity, which is both invasive and offensive to those who are trying to uphold the integrity of Judaism.

JewishIsrael has no issue with the exceptional Christian Arab who, out of a sense of loyalty and moral and civil duty chooses to serve in the army of a Jewish state.  However we have in past reports here and there outlined a number of potential problems connected with Christian enlistment in the IDF.

Last October at the ICEJ's Feast of Tabernacles a group of Christian IDF soldiers joined Father Gabriel Naddaf and Jewish soldiers on stage and held a banner sporting an Israeli Flag with what appeared to be a cross.  Video footage of the event can be seen here.

The symbolism being used by devout Christians who are becoming increasingly attached to the land of Israel and strive for the day when, as expressed in their new testament, Jew and Christian become "one new man in christ", should not be taken for granted by us Jews.

In 2013, Naddaf publicly stated that, "…Jews and Christians alike are united under one covenant.”  While that statement of unity may warm some Jewish hearts, when stated by a Orthodox Christian Priest it takes on theological meaning which contradicts our relationship with G-d.

It is imperative and fitting that those of us concerned about preserving the Jewish sovereignty and unique Jewish character of Israel not hesitate to respectfully and firmly communicate an unambiguous message to our Christian allies that we do not  aspire to becoming a Judeo-Christian nation. That is not what we are and not what we are supposed to become.

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