The Ami Ortiz - Ariel Bombing Report (A preview)

Jewish Israel will be spending significant time reviewing the Ami Ortiz –Ariel Bombing case. A comprehensive report is in the making. Of course, it must be remembered that there is a court-ordered media black-out in place. Ideally we should all be waiting patiently for the investigation to conclude.

But Jewish Israel feels compelled to respond because numerous evangelical and messianic Christian leaders, lawyers, law makers, and organizations, have taken gross advantage of a gagged police investigation in order to speculate, weave fiction, and finger the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel in a manner which has been unethical, immoral and unjust. It simply reeks of a blood libel. One almost gets the feeling that a discovery of Arab terror in this case would greatly disappoint the evangelical and messianic community, as it would throw a wrench into the evangelizing enterprise, and expose a very real and dangerous by-product of the Israel-evangelical relationship.

In addition, the media has treated a serious and complex case – with a number of intriguing and disturbing angles – in a shallow and careless way.

We at Jewish Israel will do our best to reverse some of the deliberate damage which has been done to the reputation of the Orthodox community, our police and security services, and our law makers, by exploring some of the facts and circumstances surrounding the pre-Purim 2008 explosion in the town of Ariel.

We continue to hope and pray that Jews were not involved and that the case is resolved soon.

Preview sections of the report:

The Arab Press on the Day of the Explosion:
Fatah's Al-Aqsa Brigades claimed responsibility for sending a parcel bomb to an Israeli settler in Ariel near Nablus.

They said in a statement, "Fighters of the Al-Aqsa Brigades – Struggle and Return Battalion - detonated a new kind of explosive device through a parcel mailed to the Ariel settlement near Nablus."

The statement added that the explosion came in retaliation for the assassination of Hizbullah's military leader Imad Mughniyya and the ongoing Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Anti-Semitism, a Blood Libel, or Gross Opportunism?
“If Yad L’achim is found guilty (a very very big “if”) of planting this bomb at the Ortiz’ home, then it would be a great victory for justice and democracy if this violent group were classified as a terrorist organization in the U.S., thus preventing them from soliciting tax deductible funds. Drying up their stream of money from America of course would restrict much of their activities…”

Who really threatened Pastor Ortiz?
“Despite the dangers to himself and those who accept his bibles and message, Ortiz has even challenged radical Hamas figures.”

“David Ortiz is on Hamas' hit list and the group put out a fatwa - a religious edict - calling for his death several years ago, she noted. The Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the gift basket bomb and Hamas bragged that it had used an Israeli Arab to bring in the bomb, she said.”..

Exploding the myths and exposing the lawyer
It’s hard to believe that the fancy surveillance system at the modest Ortiz apartment was set-up to keep watch on a few counter-missionary volunteers from Yad L’achim or other such organizations.

What’s more likely is that Ortiz - who had been violently assaulted ,was issued death threats from Arabs, and was told to lay low by the US Embassy, had those cameras installed because he was running clandestine operations, where he would secretly extract Palestinian Christians from the PA territories and transplant them … in conjunction with the Religious Freedom Coalition of Washington D.C

Coming soon:
The Ariel Money Trail
Jesus goes to Kentucky and to the State Department (Preview:
read the Bill)

To be continued...

UPDATE: An arrest has been made

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