The Anti-Semitic “Messianic “ Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Christian Missionaries Ari and Shira (Carole Lindsay) Sorko Ram of Maoz Israel Ministries of Tel Aviv run a $2,500,000 plus enterprise which targets Jews for conversion and propagates “messianic judaism” in Israel. They enjoy support and endorsements from the biggest names in the so-called “Christian Zionist” evangelical world - Robertson, Hagee, Hayford, Stearns, Lamb, Little, and Finto, to name but a few.

MaozIsrael is also one of a number of evangelical organizations which have been playing the church persecution card to the hilt, and Shira Sorko Ram has published what can only be described as anti-Semitic ravings and accusations against the Orthodox Community and Torah Judaism:

“Orthodox Judaism, teaches its adherents to love those who are similar in religion and to hate those who are different…In Orthodoxy, lying, cheating, stealing and violent behavior are acceptable if the goal is ‘worthy.’… A majority of ultra-Orthodox men do not work and do not pay taxes... ultra-Orthodox politicians headed up by rabbinical authorities have been role models of corruption in every area of public and governmental service… In Israel, drug dealers, mafia, pimps, criminals and perverts are accepted as Jews. Gurus, witches and transvestites are part of the Jewish people…But Messianic Jews, whose contribution to society is almost always positive, are despised and rejected by the establishment, and told they are not Jews…Messianic Jews pray for their enemies. The Orthodox curse their enemies… the police have not even talked to the witnesses that have agreed to testify in behalf of Ami Ortiz, the youth who was bombed by ultra-Orthodox terrorists in Ariel because his father David is a Messianic pastor.”

And now Shani (Sorko Ram)Ferguson, of mirrors her parents’ ambitions and shares - via her vlog - her mother’s contempt for Orthodox Jews:

Orthodox Jews “… basically do nothing back for the country. They don’t donate organs, blood; they don’t serve in the army; they don’t work; they don’t pay taxes; they don’t do anything. They just sit around and read Torah…Orthodox Jews hate [messianic Jews]…and they don’t only not consider them Jewish, they don’t consider them human. Orthodox Jews have been known to persecute messianic Jews…to the extreme of actually trying to kill them with explosives…and when they are in power there is less done to restrain them from doing these things…When there are more Orthodox Jewish parties in control, there are less religious freedoms in this country…Orthodox Jews can get away with persecution when their people are in power."

How Christian are these “messianic jews” of Maoz Israel? Well, let’s just say that they have real yichus.

Carole (aka Shira) Sorko Ram is the daughter of Christ for the Nations founder, the late Gordon Lindsay – a renowned Pentecostal, Charismatic kind of guy.

Pentecostal Pastor Jack Hayford made the shidduch between R.B. (aka Ari) Sorko-Ram and Carole while they were in Hollywood. R.B. “met the Lord in a summer camp” when he was 13 (what is it about these summer camps?). After being married by a “Reform rabbi” in 1976, R.B. and Carole – now Ari and Shira – left Hollywood and came to Israel to resume their acting careers as “messianic Jews” dedicated to bringing the people of Israel to jesus christ (aka “yeshua”).

The Sorko Ram’s organization, MaozIsrael, is still very much connected to Christ for the Nations, as is their daughter’s endeavor – which Shani runs with her husband “Kobi” (aka Jim) Ferguson. Shani and Koby met at Brownsville Bible School in Pensacola. They were married by a “Conservative Rabbi” and according to the June 2008 edition of Christ for the Nations, their YeshuaIsrael ministry was established “to help further the evangelistic thrust into Israel”.

The Lindsay-Sorko Ram-Ferguson clan do not represent a few bad apples on the mutant messianic tree. They are at the core of the tree and it appears to be quite rotten – all the way down to its very evangelical “Christian Zionist” roots…

Christians Friends of Israel (CFI) founders and directors
Ray and Sharon Sanders are alumnae of Lindsay’s Christ for the Nations evangelizing network, and they have promoted and engaged in a number of missionary activities directed at Israeli Jews – specifically new immigrants and the underprivileged. They have been in the forefront of developing outreach projects aimed at supporting the Christian “messianic” community in Israel. They also claim to be “charter members of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus” and proudly declare that “The State of Israel has awarded them permanent residency where they live in a home they own in Jerusalem.”

Stephen Strang, is a regional Director of CUFI (Christians United for Israel) and the publisher of Pastor Hagee’s books. Strang signed last year’s WEA statement calling for continued efforts to evangelize the Jews. Strang is also the publisher of Charisma Magazine - the premier publication of the Strang Communications Company , which regularly reports on the messianic scene. Charisma chose to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary with a cover story celebrating the messianic missionary community in Israel -hailing them as “brave Christians celebrating the love of Jesus in Israel”. Ari and Shira Sorko Ram were featured in the story

Strang also seem to share the Sorko Ram’s disdain for Orthodox Jews, and Strang’s cries of messianic oppression go way back. In an article which appeared in Charisma Magazine in September 2002, Strang mixes praise for John Hagee with cries for his messianic brethren (he admits to supporting Sorko Ram’s Maoz Israel, too):

(Excerpt from “Let’s Stand with Israel”):
"Equally as hard-hit as the Jews by the unrest in Israel are Messianic believers. Many of them are unemployed. Ministers such as Ari Sorko-Ram are working to raise money for them from Christian believers through a Web site called
The problem is that a Web site with a similar name collects money from evangelicals for many worthwhile causes. But that group also funnels money to Orthodox groups that often oppress Messianic believers.
Ari Sorko-Ram is the son-in-law of Christ for the Nations co-founder Freda Lindsay. I met with him and his wife, Shira, when I was in Israel several years ago and know how valuable and important their ministry, Maoz Israel, is. I have personally supported this ministry financially, as I urge you to do by visiting their Web site. It's important for Christians to stand with our Messianic brothers and sisters at this time."

Pat Robertson’s CBN has featured Shira Sorko Ram’s writings and both Robertson, as well as his station, promote Christian messianic missionary endeavors directed at the Jewish people in Israel.
Michael Little, President and COO of CBN is an Executive Director of CUFI. And, as mentioned in the beginning of this post, John Hagee, Pat Robertson and Michael Little (plus their wives) all endorse the Sorko Ram’s Ministry, MaozIsrael…And so does Jack Hayford

Hayford welcomed Ari Sorko Ram as a featured speaker at his FourSquare 2007 Conference in Jerusalem - a conference which openly embraced messianic missionary leaders, and was blessed by Benny Elon ( he should have looked at the list of the speakers first).

You simply must read Sorko Ram’s ice cream gospel which he delivered at the conference.

In fact, when it comes to promoting a messianic restoration (Christian revival) movement in Israel, nobody does it better than Jack Hayford. And when it comes to promoting Jack Hayford, nobody does it better that Israel’s Ministry of Tourism. Jack is the poster boy for the Ministry’s “ Visit Israel – You’ll Never the Same” Campaign.

And Jack Hayford is the subject of our next blog posting (because if Jack gets his way, Israel and Judaism will never be the same).

When it comes to fighting anti-Semitism, the “Christian Zionist” evangelical community gives the impression that they’re at the forefront of the battle. And they do it by playing the Holocaust card over and over again. But Jewish Israel thinks perhaps they doth protest too much. Based on the kind of hateful rhetoric currently being disseminated by evangelists against Torah Jews and Judaism, we Jews could be in for a new/old wave of anti-Semitism - one that simply can’t tolerate Jews who resolutely preserve and protect the foundations of their faith.

: Shani Ferguson writes to us and Jewish Israel responds

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