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So, what is a Jew supposed to do when he’s walking down a street in Israel and hears some missionary presenting his message loudly, as if to a crowd? I suppose it would depend on the religious orientation of the Jew. Is he secular, reform, conservative, neo-orthodox, charedie? Does the speaker have the legal right to do what he’s doing? What about the rights of the people on the street? What if some want to hear the speaker, but others feel it’s a disturbance of their peace. It’s a real mess, I suppose, and of such a nature that one would be wise to exercise due diligence if he desires to make it better.

What am I talking about? Simply put, it is the fulfillment of Hillel’s imperative to seek peace and bring people closer to Torah while, at the same time, dealing effectively with missionaries.

I understand that the more orthodox one is the more repugnant the missionary message is. I also understand that the mitzvah directs us to hate those who entice a Jew to idolatry. I have to believe, however, that it is possible to satisfy the Hillel imperative AND fulfill the mitzvah.

Consider the following presentation entitled
Answers to a Missionary featuring Gutman Locks...(the GOOD), and compare it to Tourists praising the Lord / all hell broke lose! (1 of 2) and the results it produced…(the BAD).

Whereas Reb Locks succeeds in dealing quite openly and effectively with the missionary’s erroneous thinking while maintaining civility, the Orthodox men in the second video do not. The worst part of this particular inability to deal effectively with the missionaries is that it provided the missionary crowd the ideal material with which to propagate the not-so-hidden agenda of demonizing the Jew. Did you hear the commentary at the end of that particular segment? The Orthodox Jews, understandably vexed by the pretentious preaching of the missionary band, were written-off as “demons who couldn’t bear the message”. The video did accomplish one thing, however. It exposed what evangelicals truly think about religious Jews.

This documented unveiling of typical evangelical thinking is no surprise. And neither is the true color of the equally pretentious love for the Jew masterfully exposed by Max Blumenthal in his piece on John Hagee entitled
The Christians United for Israel Tour (the SHMAD). You might say Max got the scoop directly from the horse’s mouth. (Another poignant expose of Hagee is presented in Bruce Wilson’s piece entitled John Hagee Pushes Hitler's anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theory.)

As in the case of Reb Locks, Max Blumenthal’s approach was civil but devastating. He exposed the true nature of the missionary message and intent without sticking his finger in their eye…or in the fan. This brings us back to the original thesis: it is possible for the Jew on the street to satisfy the Hillel imperative AND fulfill the mitzvah of dealing with the missionary.

If we are to take the fight for Jewish souls to the street, we must, likewise, take the moral, spiritual and rational high ground or lose the battle to flanking maneuvers by the missionaries. We must keep the confrontations friendly but frontal, allowing those with no real weaponry no possible escape. We are, after all, people of the Promise. We hold all the cards. We own THE BOOK! We need to know it, believe it and use it.

Tzinoh v’sochairoh amieto. “His shield and armor are His truth.”

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Comment by Jewish Israel on July 13, 2010 at 6:07pm
We have a number of postings on Pastor Hagee and CUFI (use our search facility). The organization as a policy does not proselytize at events, but a number of their regional and executive directors are openly supporitng the messianic movement in Israel and missionary endeavors which target the Jewish people. Hagee himself expressed great joy on Daystar telelvision at the prospect of the gospel being spread througout Israel, and he reportedly gave the first donation towards that endeavor on the air.
It's fair to say that most of very active "Christian Zionist" organizations who support Israel politically, morally and philanthropically are also involved in the missionary network in Israel. It comes with the terroritory of being evangelical.

It would be "stupid and self-defeating " not to consider the costs involved in a no-holds-barred relationship with the magnanimous mega-preacher. At the very least a policy of "respect and suspect" is called for.
Comment by Stuart Federow on July 13, 2010 at 5:21pm
It is stupid and self-defeating to not accept and to not promote John Hagee and his organization, CUFI, simply because they believe in their version of the End Of Times. This may come as a surprise to you, but they also wrongly believe in Jesus as the messiah. So since they are wrong about their theology regarding Jesus, and they are wrong about their theology regarding the end of times, who cares if, in their error, they also help the State of Israel? Their belief in their concept of The End Of Times is not a reason to push them away. There might be, maybe, other reasons, but this is not one of them.

Furthermore, I know a family whose daughter was sucked into Christianity, and besides taking her to various counter-missionary organizations, they also took her to see John Hagee, who told her NOT to convert to Christianity, because her Jewish covenant with Gd remained valid. That alone makes him different and set apart from other Christian Evangelicals.

Although this may come as a shock to many Jews, not all Christians are alike, and not all Christianities are alike, either. Each Christian, and each Christian denomination, must be judged on his or her or their own merits.
Comment by Jewish Israel on July 13, 2010 at 2:23pm
Your assessment of "the good" and "the bad" is on target. With regards to "the Hagee", we have to remember that while "Max Blumenthal’s approach was civil but devastating", it was also somewhat devious. We need to keep in mind that Blumenthal has a very political agenda. It's a tough call as to whether or not he is at allconcerned about the spiritual integrity of the Jewish people - his people. Could it be that the evangelical alliance with Israel simply gets in the way of his politics?

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