The Ultimate Desecration of the Torah performed by messianic "Rabbi" Ralph Messer (Warning: Obscene)

Jewish Israel has just posted a video of popular Christian messianic missionary and hebraic roots teacher "Rabbi"Ralph Messer wrapping mega-church leader  Eddie Long in a Torah scroll – which allegedly came from Auschwitz Birkenau - and crowning him as a king. 

This is obscene material and illustrates why Jewish leaders need to temper those evangelical and prophetic flames with strict halachic borders, and to consider who they are teaching our Torah to. 

Heads-up Jewish community leaders : Messer, who claims to have "dual citizenship in Israel" will be leading a tour to Israel in March 2012 billed as "The Land of Israel Awaits Your Return" and Jewish communities like Shiloh, with its excavations, are featured on the itinerary (although it seems Messer may have mixed-up or mixed in Shiloh with Caesarea ).

Jewish Israel has previously posted on Messer, of "Simchat Torah Beit Midrash" (Torah. TV), as he teaches "How to lead a Jew to Jesus".

WARNING: This video  is obscene and offensive in the deepest sense to Jewish sensitivities. 

And they say Replacement Theology is dead.


No Words...


UPDATE:  Traditional (non-messianic) Christians are engaged in damage control at this time .  Jewish Israel notes that Rev. Wil Gafney was very quick to set the record straight via a Huffington Post article, Eddie Long is not "King"

Eddie Long Apologizes - Washington Post February 5th

NEW VIDEOS: It seems that Messer has been trampling Torah scrolls for quite a while, with some of Israel's best friends actively participating in the desecration of scroll after scroll after scroll. Jewish Israel has just posted excerpts of 4 new videos which have surfaced. Ironically, in one video "Rabbi" Messer declares to his mega church audience,"We [Jews] thought that you would mishandle the Torah."

Messer is hardly a marginal figure in the Christian evangelical world and he frequently appears on Christian missionary networks such as Daystar, Trinity Broadcasting (TBN), and Gods Learning Channel (GLC).

These videos have been posted as part of an upcoming Jewish Israel report which will include a thorough investigation of this disgrace.  Again Jewish leaders will be asked to examine their role in encouraging this outrage and in fanning evangelical flames.

READ OUR FULL REPORT: Israel, Look What They’ve Done to Your Torah: the Ralph Messer Story

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