Prior to the Popes visit, The Israel Project (T.I.P.) sent out a pamphlet promoting Anne Ayalon and 3 other “Christian Israelis” as "Talking Heads for Pope Visit on Christian-Israeli Relations”

Although as a policy “The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency”, they seem to be awfully close to the Deputy Foreign Minister’s wife. Look what they know…

According to the promotion, Anne Ayalon spends “much of her time… devoted to building relations and understanding between Christians and Jews and managing ICC Galilee Properties Management LTD; a company that invests in real estate development of the Galilee for the express purpose of educating Pilgrims about Israel, and of which she is President.” Now that’s a mouthful!

Perhaps we now have some additional insight into why Anne was promoting her own Christian background, and the ministry of jesus in the Galilee, during her appearance on the premier missionary network, Daystar Television.

Perhaps "Eighty percent of Jesus' ministry is up in the Galilee”, because Anne is it!

It’s also disturbing to note that TIP’s Press kit on The Christian Community in Israel - which was made available for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit - featured substantial contact information on the messianic missionary community of King of Kings Assemblies.

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Interfaith Jesus resort to open on shores of Galilee:

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