Today’s Reality of Christian Missionizing in Israel

In the most recent Musaf Shabbat supplement of the Hebrew language newspaper, Makor Rishon, two articles were published, regarding Israel’s and the Jews’ relationships with the Christian world.

The first article, titled “The New Covenant” (the original title in Hebrew is “ברית חדשה”, a play on the Hebrew name for the “New Testament”), is written by Yair Sheleg. It mainly discusses the Jews’ relationship with the Vatican after the latter’s 1965 Nostra Aetate (Vatican II) declaration, culminating with Rabbinic and Vatican released statements marking Vatican II’s 50th anniversary this past January.

The Makor Rishon article notes the seemingly positive trends emanating from the Vatican and backs up its optimistic outlook with an interview with Rabbi David Rosen, who was invested with a papal knighthood in 2005.

JewishIsrael has already countered such optimism with several articles, the most recent being “Nostra Aetate 50th Anniversary Marked by Controversial Vatican and....

We also recommend reading JewishIsrael’s 2010 article, “The Ugly Side of Interfaith Beatification Politics”.

The second recent Makor Rishon article mainly discusses the divisions among well-known rabbis within the National Religious camp with regard to Israel’s current relationship with the evangelical world. The article, written by Ariel Horowitz, is titled “Has the Struggle Ended?”.

JewishIsrael urges its Hebrew readers to read the entire article. What JewishIsrael wishes to highlight at this point is the following claim made in this article by Rabbi Nachum Rabinovitz, head of Yeshivat Birkat Moshe in Ma'ale Adumim. JewishIsrael has translated into English the most critical parts of the interview:

“Of course, we must object to missionizing,” says Rav Rabinovitz, “but most Christians in Israel and in the world have ceased missionizing. The Christians being referred to are offering Israel large sums of money, and they are not interested in anything else. I have no doubt that America’s support for Israel throughout the years was based on the fact that there are millions of American Christians who believe in the Tanach [Jewish Bible: Torah, Prophets and Scriptures], and they are not involved, heaven forefend, with attempts to change Jews’ religious beliefs. On the contrary! They love the Tanach and therefore they donate money to us.”

JewishIsrael can only point out that the facts speak otherwise, and that the source of these facts are the very same Christians whom rabbis and community leaders in the National Religious camp assume no longer carry out a missionary agenda.

Listed below are links to just a sampling of what these very same Christian “friends of Israel” are saying and doing behind the backs of all of us. The list is far from complete. JewishIsrael’s website offers numerous more articles and videos on the active missionizing carried out by Christian “Zionists”.

We call upon concerned rabbis and community leaders in Israel to study this information, connect the links between missionaries, ministries and the Israeli organizations in liaison with them, so that attempts can be made to influence those who still do not understand or those who remain in denial with regard to Israel’s Christians supporters.

It is hoped that Rav Rabinovitz will have an opportunity to study the numerous examples herein and publicly retract his claim that Christians “are not involved… with attempts to change Jews’ religious beliefs.” It is further hoped that Rav Rabinovitz and others will reconsider their approval of accepting donations from Christians.


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