Top evangelical, Rev. Richard Cizik, resigns from the NAE:

Reverend Richard Cizik resigned as the Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals. He did so after an NPR radio interview in which he voiced support for same-sex civil unions . The NAE said in a statement that Cizik had expressed regret, apologized and "affirmed our values." The NAE is an umbrella group for tens of thousands of churches and organizations.

Last year Cizik, who supports a two-state solution, met in a closed meeting with top evangelical leaders and Arab Muslim leaders.

Cizik is a senior editorial advisor of the Christian Post which last summer published an attack on Orthodox Jews - accusing them of planting a bomb that severely injured a pastor’s son – despite there being no evidence, suspects, or arrests in the case to support that claim.

It should be noted that Cizik, like Benny Elon, sits on the advisory board of James Hutchen’s Jerusalem Connection International – a “Christian Zionist” publication (see related post).

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