Tourism Minister Uzi Landau Denies Having Endorsed Jesus Statue for Nazareth's Mount Precipice

This is a continuing update to JewishIsrael’s report of December 22nd, "Cast a Giant Jesus over Israel".


In our earlier update of December 29th, JewishIsrael reported that attorneys at the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel have written letters to Knesset Members and Ministers as well as to  KKL-JNF with the intention of stopping the statue project.


Yesterday, JewishIsrael's Rabbinic Director Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold met with Tourism Minister Uzi Landau and broached the statue issue with him. Rabbi Gold and JewishIsrael's Administrative Director, Avraham Leibler, had sent a strong letter to Minister Landau ten days ago. At the meeting with Rabbi Gold, Landau was emphatic in his denial of having ever endorsed such a project. Landau personally told Rabbi Gold that such a project "will never happen".


Today, Likud Yisrael Beitenu MK Moshe Feiglin also reported to JewishIsrael that Minister Landau denied having ever endorsed Bishara Shlayan's statue endeavor, despite the account on Shlayan's Christian Arab political party's Facebook page and the widely disseminated news reports which quoted Shlayan as saying that Landau encouraged such a project with the words “start it, and we will bless it.”


Most recently, Bishara Shlayan announced the creation and launching of a new website to promote and raise funds for the statue project.

UPDATE (February 4, 2014) Official written response from Tourism Ministry denying Minister Uzi Landau's endorsement of a Jesus statue project 


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