Update to JewishIsrael’s Recent Report on the Nazareth Statue

See latest UpdateTourism Minister Landau Denies Having Endorsed Jesus Statue for Naz... (Jan. 2nd)

Since JewishIsrael’s posting of its December 22 report, "Cast a Giant Jesus over Israel", attorneys at the Legal Forum for The Land of Israel have taken up the cause to stop such a project from happening. The Forum has already sent letters to Knesset members and to ministers Uzi Landau and Naftali Bennett, as well as to the Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL). The letters, in Hebrew, can be read here and here.

The Jerusalem Post’s Middle East Correspondent, Ariel Ben Solomon, contacted JewishIsrael regarding his article on the statue penned earlier on November 21, 2013. That article and the quotes therein have been disseminated by a number of news sources over the last month. Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the New American are among the most recent media sources reporting on the statue endeavor.


JewishIsrael would like to thank our readership for their active participation in trying to stop the statue project from getting off the ground. We ask that readers continue to write to the parties involved.


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Tourism Minister  Landau Denies Having Endorsed Jesus Statue for Na... (Jan. 2 Update)

UPDATE (February 4, 2014) Official written response from Tourism Ministry denying Minister Uzi Landau's endorsement of a Jesus statue project 


JewishIsrael's letter to Minister Uzi Landau




Letters from Legal Forum for the Land of Israel

Letter to Knesset Members and Ministers (Hebrew)

Letter to KKL-JNF (Hebrew)

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