Wife of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister is a “Born Again Believer”

She may be "born again", but this “Judeo-Christian union” could be the death of us all (G-d forbid)…

Evangelical Christian Anne Ayalon, the wife of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, can be seen and heard on Daystar Television kvelling (sic!) about Jesus’s ministry in Israel (see 8 minutes into the video).

Daystar is a premier missionary network with “a singular goal—to reach souls with the good news of Jesus Christ”, and I guess Mrs. Ayalon considers it good news that, "Eighty percent of Jesus' ministry is up in the Galilee. You walk there and you just feel god's love!"

It’s reportedly not the first time that Anne has used her position as the wife of a Jewish Israeli leader to “share her testimony about Jesus “ . As the wife of the former Ambassador of Israel to the United States, it appears Mrs. Ayalon witnessed on the banquet circuit…

Here’s a choice excerpt from Charles Carrin Ministries:

"While I was surprised by the Ambassador and his wife’s youthfulness, I was more astounded that Anne Ayalon used the Banquet-occasion to share her testimony about Jesus. She is a born-again believer. Speaking before high-ranking Jewish delegates, Washington’s media-reporters, and other international figures, she told of her love for Jesus and even gave a capable explanation of God’s Trinitarian nature. I sat there astonished. Never have I witnessed more graciousness, more spiritual beauty, or more gentleness than she displayed. No one could have criticized her loveliness. The incoming Ambassador’s wife, Noa Meridor, listened attentively as she spoke. More so, I was overwhelmed, wondering about the effects of such a woman becoming Israel’s First Lady. Pray for this couple!"

Israel better pray long and hard that its Jewish leaders come back to themselves and to their people.

See UPDATE on this report

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