Aviad Cohen shows us what apostasy is all about

"Rabbi" Ralph Messer and Aviad Cohen share their world and "word" of deception and apostasy on Daystar TV.

[Note: This clip was originally posted on JewishIsrael's website in 2009. It has been re-posted due to a technical error.]

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Comment by Mordechai Yaakov Allen on November 22, 2012 at 2:35am

It’s been a long time since I last experienced any negative, physical sensations from what someone said. I think I was in the second grade, and at that time it was intimidation perpetrated by a teacher.

Just a few moments ago, I again experienced negative, physical sensations from what someone said. This time it was while watching the video, and this time is was a shuddering nausea perpetrated by former colleagues.

Apart from the embarrassing, but quintessential statement by Reb Cohen and the fawning interjection by Reb Messer “It got to a point where I just cried out to God and actually was a…became a Jewish rapper named ‘Fifty Shekel ( Reb Messer ‘Is that right?!’) Yeah,…” I was further dismayed by the barely-concealed contempt and raw shallowness displayed in the exchange “I studied with the whole Orthodox community in the Upper West Side, and got to a point where [Yashka] actually showed-up in my life and showed me his word, showed me the word of god, because I was being fed…besides the Scriptures…I was being read the Talmud/Mishna/Gamorrah, being fed that, and that wasn’t the word… (Reb Messer ‘The true scripture…’)…”

My nausea and embarrassment found its impetus in the fact that I used to actually believe that stuff, and may well have been heard issuing somber but enthusiastic “amens” to such foolishness. Mammish! It turned my stomach!

If anybody, and I mean ANYBODY views that treif and is in any way bothered or made to question the absolute beauty of its antithesis, i.e. Judaism, feel free to call me on my cell @ 201-757-6916. I’ve partaken of both, soundly endorse Judaism and know the antidote for the treif.

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