Promoting "Christians and Jews in a single faith", Daystar missionary television offers a brief sampling of their "messianic Jewish" programming.

Note: Daystar programming is being broadcast 24/7 throughout Israel via Israeli TV broadcasters HOT (cable) and Yes (satellite).

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Comment by Mordechai Yaakov Allen on October 7, 2012 at 10:56pm

When I was a boy in my teens living in a small farming community in the US Midwest, I was often hired by the farmers, along with many of my peers, to slog through mud (and worse) doing those necessary chores only those paid the whopping wage of $1.75 per hour would do. It was hard, dirty work. Occasionally, and after proving that I wasn’t afraid of any kind of hard work, I would be given other chores and tasks that, while no easier, were not encumbered by the “slog factor”. Never having been accused of being a genius, but, at the same time, knowing the difference between necessary and unnecessary slogging, I learned to appreciate slogless service.

Years later, I gained the same enlightenment when I discovered that dogma was the same as slog. Dogma, you know...that stuff that everybody unquestioningly regards as really important, but nobody knows why, or from where it comes. It has no labels, ingredients, documentation or instruction manual. Anyway, I was delighted to find that the hard work I wanted so desperately to do didn’t have to be encumbered by dogma! The really important work of life could be done without having to slog through the dogma! It was Judaism, pure and simple.

Then I came across an outfit that wanted to actually add the “slog factor” back into the process. These were the messianics. They wanted to take perfectly good Judaism and mix buckets of...slog (and worse) with the mitzvas. They wanted to mix Christians and Jews together in a single faith! Nebach! It took me a couple of years before I finally realized what was happening, and suggested to the (ahem) rabbi that I smelled something...fishy. He said “Aw, you’re too sensitive. Here, put this thing on your nose!”

The “thing” was a J-shaped clothespin that slipped every time I wanted to do a legitimate mitzvah, not allowing for its unencumbered performance. The harder I tried to do the mitzvas, the more the thing would slip. Finally, I discarded the thing, scraped the dogma off my boots and found that doing the mitzvas was not only easier, but far more rewarding as well. Gevaldik! Thank G-d for enabling me to rediscover slogless service!        

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