Billionaire Bishop Edir Macedo lays cornerstone and prays at site for a new city in Gilgal, Israel (December 2015)

Edir Macedo leads the international United Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), based in Brazil. Macedo is involved in a major project under the auspices of Israel's Jordan Valley Regional Council to build the city of Gilgal, which will be used as a location for Christian worship.

Gilgal is infused with meaning for Christians. Macedo sees the site as a place of conquest for the "New Israel”.

Macedo's evangelical church, UCKG, has a conversionary agenda and teaches supersessionism and a type of prosperity gospel emphasizing sacrifice to the church. UCKG has a presence and growing influence in Israel, including political connections.

In the words of the UCKG, their congregants in Israel include "Jews and non-Jews followers and believers in HaMashiah Adon Yeshua".

(Video with translation from Portuguese posted by UCKG Long Beach)

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