Hayovel in Judea and Samaria on a restoration mission on behalf of jesus (excerpt from a HaYovel video posted on October 19, 2014)

[Someone at Hayovel Ministries claimed to Youtube that this video excerpt is a copyright violation of their material. JewishIsrael is disputing the complaint. In the interim, the same video may be viewed here.]

In a recent HaYovel promotion and plea for funding and volunteers, which has since gone private, Luke Hilton cites Christian scripture and prophecy and relays that Hayovel volunteers are to be jesus’ witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. They are to connect to the land in anticipation of the time when they believe jesus, their lord, will restore the kingdom of Israel.

JewishIsrael urges Jewish leadership to be aware of Hayovel’s theologically fueled mission and the pitfalls it presents, and to use foresight and wisdom in their dealings with zealous Christian volunteers.

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