IDF marches to the drumbeat of messianics in Jerusalem (excerpts from ICEJ's Israeli Night, October 2014)

The ICEJ’s David Parsons and Israeli messianic leader Doron Schneider ( a self-described “Jesus believing Jew”) who serves as ICEJ’s liaison officer in Israel, command IDF paratroopers who served in Gaza to march on stage, where they were joined by Christian soldiers and Greek Orthodox priest Gabriel Nadaf.

As part of the honor they were subject to sermons on the Jewishness of jesus and how Christian prayers from churches and saints are behind them. Note the soldiers holding a flag with what appears to be cross.

While messianic Doron Schneider arranged for IDF participation in the event, charismatic Pastor and missionary Robert Stearns was the keynote speaker and spoke of jesus and the coming together of Jew and Christian.

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