IFCJ 25th anniversary clip excerpts: a halachic nightmare?

Yechiel Eckstein embraces and partners with missionary Jack Hayford in excerpts from Eckstein's organization's 25th anniversary promotional video.

Eckstein appears to cross a number of halachic lines, blurring the boundaries between faiths.

Christian personalities known for promoting “messianic Judaism”, like CBN’s Pat Robertson and Pat Boone, also appear in the clip.

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Comment by Jewish Israel on November 30, 2009 at 6:35pm
It's pretty much a disaster for those who hold by the widely accepted halachic rulings on interfaith encounters which were held by Rav Yoseph B. Soloveitchik, z"l, and which continue to be endorsed by the RCA (Rabbinic Council of America). Without dissecting the video a rather obvious sampling of the problematic territory would be Eckstein's spreaking in the main chapel of a church - with a cross. Non-objection to a missionizing - as long as it's done through love (see Hayford in the beginning of the video), teaching gentiles Torah and mixing faiths (that little Pesach clip with the wine and matzah, encourageing interfaith dialogue, etc...
Comment by Jake Jacobs on November 4, 2009 at 6:37pm
True, he buddies with missionaries who support apostasy, but I personally didn't see any halachic lines being blurred except that he befriends murderers of the Jewish soul. Love to hear your thoughts on this.

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