Mike Huckabee endorses proselytizing the Jews to bring them to jesus

JewishIsrael can only say we told you so. And the signs were there even beforehand.

Mike Huckabee is a pastor and missionary by profession. And while Jews and Israelis continued to believe over the years that Mr. Huckabee could separate his theology from his support for Israel, he has just proven everyone wrong.

Watch this video, produced by One For Israel Ministry, in which Huckabee makes himself perfectly clear as to his approval of spiritually harming the Jewish nation, whether in Israel or abroad.

For readers unfamiliar with One For Israel Ministry, please read JewishIsrael's June 2015 article, "It's Open Fishing Season for Christian Zionist Proselytizers in Israel".

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Comment by Mordechai Yaakov Allen on January 30, 2017 at 6:47pm


Can one Jew make a difference? I think so, or I would forever despair.

I hear the message of OneForIsrael, and my heart breaks. I literally have to blink back the tears in order to see my keyboard;

I view Mike Hukabee’s sincere endorsement of the missionizing of Jews in Israel, and am reminded of the stark imperatives of the Shema;

I listen to the OneForIsrael missionary’s promises of a happiness and purpose, and cut immediately to G-d’s bottom line delivered succinctly through King Solomon, “Fear G-d and keep His Commandments;”

I painfully recall my 40 years of service to Jesus and his gospel, and of successfully introducing scores of souls to “saving grace”;

I recall the intensity of the struggle between my militant spirituality and the persistent and insistent emergence of G-d’s Revealed Will;

Then I recall the exuberance and peace evoked by the Pesukei D’Zimrah of Shacharis only hours before, and wonder “what’s the problem?”

If Jews would consider and appropriate even a fraction these ancient expressions of time-tested truth, the words of the missionary would dissipate – for them as they do for me – into shallow and meaningless emotional platitudes.

Thereby, can one Jew make a difference – one Jew at a time – in restoring the joys of true Salvation to the Nation called of G-d to bring True Salvation to the world.

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