Rabbi Riskin discusses Jesus and messianism

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin discusses his fascination with Christianity,”Rabbi” Jesus, messianism, and the commonality between Judaism and Christianity.

This video was found uploaded to YouTube by a messianic Christian site.

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UPDATE: After JewishIsrael reported on this video, representatives of Rabbi Riskin sent JewishIsrael a clarification statement. See our follow-up aticle, Statement from Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Reaction by Rabbi Sholom Gold.

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Comment by Reuven Levinson on March 23, 2010 at 3:48am
The only question for the Messiah is whether this is the first or second time the Messiah came? There are so many clear mistakes in this concept as the Jewish and Christian concepts of Messiah and Messianic times are so completely at odds. And if Jesus was a rabbi, who did he study under to get smicha?

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