Replacement theology by any other name is a twisted olive tree (excerpts from James Hutchens’ “Truth Report” October 28, 2014)

Christian Zionist Dr. James Hutchens, of “The Jerusalem Connection”, explains that according to Christian scripture, believers in jesus are the “Israel of God” and that the new testament concept that “all Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26) refers to a Jesus-believing remnant. Ironically Hutchens’ uses this line of reasoning to challenge replacement theology.

Hutchens has served as a Regional Director of CUFI. In the 1970’s he and his family managed to get converted to Judaism with the intentions of making aliyah and establishing a messianic congregation to teach Jews that it is possible to believe in jesus and to remain Jewish. The plot was discovered and their case was taken to the Israeli Supreme Court. Hutchens and his family were kicked out of Israel and their conversions were revoked.

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